CSA Group Bayern GmbH

CSA Group Bayern GmbH offers you expert and reliable services in the field of product testing and certification.

The merger of emitel GmbH and mikes-testingpartners GmbH to form CSA Group Bayern established one of the largest testing laboratories in Europe. Both companies boast a successful past stretching back over many years.
Since the 01st of October 2013 mikes-testingpartners GmbH operated under the new name CSA Group Bayern GmbH.
On the 01st January 2014 the merger of emitel GmbH with CSA Group Bayern GmbH followed. The merger pointed the way to a joint future and the further expansion of the testing and certification facilities on offer.

As a notified body and part of the CSA Group, we offer our customers a strong global network, extensive laboratory capacities and experienced teams of experts. Whether you operate as a one-man enterprise or are a major international company, CSA will support you as an expert service partner at all times.